Friday, June 13, 2014

Summer Glass Etching DIY

Even though it isn't officially summer just yet, I was getting my decorations together. I decided I needed a little something to go on my fireplace mantle. I ran straight to the dollar store at the end of the week last week and set out on a mission. I had glass etching gel at home and I knew I wanted to do some etching of some sort.
I used Armour Etch, a paint brush, my X-acto knife, and some blue painters tape. All of which I had at home.
The only thing I purchased at the store was four glasses. I loved the shape, and for a buck a piece, how could I not snatch those up?


  • Clean glasses well, and make sure the area you want to etch is free of fingerprints and dirt.
  • Place tape over glass smoothing down so there are no bumps or bubbles. 
  • Trace design you want to etch onto the painters tape in pen. It is easiest if you avoid designs that are really detailed or have too many curved lines.
  • Next takes a bit of patience and practice. You are going to use the X-acto Knife and cut out the shape directly on the glass. eing careful not to press too hard and only cut the tape. If you scratch the glass, its not a big problem, but you just don't want to tire yourself out by pressing really hard. My hand started cramping pretty bad by the fourth cup. 

  • Take cups to a sink, so either a bathroom, or kitchen. Working quickly, you want to shake the Armour Etch and then using the paintbrush you want to apply it, over top of the tape onto the exposed part of the glass. It is important to apply a thick layer of the gel and then place to the side to give it time to work. 

  • The bottle says to only leave the etch on the glass for 1 minute, tops. But, I found, when doing another project that I had to reapply it and wait for a few more minutes to get any result at all. So when doing this project I put the Armour Etch on all four glasses and then waited about a minute longer before washing it off. So i probably left it for about 4 minutes on each glass... maybe a little longer, I didnt time it well.
  • After the etching gel has been on for a few minutes, you will want to wash it off under warm water. I took the tape off at the same time and then washed the glasses. 
  • Dry and display your work.  

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