Wednesday, April 2, 2014

2013 "Everyday Is Your Runway" AiIndy Fashion Show

Since this is a new blog, you are going to be seeing a lot of catch up posts. Just to share my past work and get it floating out there on the interwebs. :) AND once I finish flooding this blog with old stuff, I'll start getting my most recent stuff up.
So... Here we go.
Sorry the quality of pictures is kind of 'blah', these are from the fashion show that I had two of my garments in during March of 2013. 
First up, my swimsuit. 

I love this suit so much!!

Here are some pictures from it on the dress form. 
I was going for a bit of a retro vibe, without it turning into a costume.

 I added 4 small Swarovski crystals in a diamond at bust. So pretty.

Next up, my dress that I entered. I love the way this dress turned out. 1950's inspired. Can you tell I like the 50's yet?
Its a light aqua blue satin dress. So shinny!! 

I did a lace band around the natural waist, which really turned out pretty and feminine.

(Um, where do I get those shoes!? LOVE)
 Below is the rough sketch I had done to get my thoughts down on paper. Turned out pretty darn close if I say so myself. Although, I think the real life model looks better since she has arms. ;)

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