Monday, April 7, 2014

Lazy Weekend

So this weekend was good. I spent it being lazy and not doing anything I was supposed to do.
I went to the Indie Arts & Vintage Marketplace on Saturday. It was fun, wasn't as busy as in the past which made it easier to look at all the cool stuff. There were a couple things that I would have loved to buy, but its not in the budget. DRAT...
Indie Arts & Vintage Marketplace
After that we went to a couple other vintage shops and did some browsing.
I did get a neat raspberry wicker love seat from Tyler's grandma, so that's awesome. I just need to clean it up a bit and maybe repaint it, and then it will find a new home on our screened in back porch. I'll do a before and after post once I finish that little project.
Once I got home I got really psyched and opened all the windows in the house cause I thought it was warm out... after about 5 minutes the house was freezing. I guess the sun was warm, not the wind. I shut them all pretty quickly and put on a sweater. The rest of Saturday was spent watching TV and movies. Also snuggling with the two Fur Faces.

I finally rented Frozen on demand, I've been wanting to watch it forever because people were saying such good things about it. Since the boyfriend was gone for the night I figured I could use the big TV and watch a Disney movie if I wanted. :)
Sunday was also a pretty lazy day. I got some stuff done, I made some BBQ ribs using my dads famous recipe... Only I didn't have his recipe and I couldn't get in touch with him so I kind of just winged it. They turned out great! I also ran out of Sweet Baby Rays before I had even covered half the rack of ribs, so I mixed it with some Key Lime BBQ that I had in my fridge from Key West. I love that stuff and I can't get it here so I've been trying to save it, but it turned out awesome with both flavors mixing. I also made some red potatoes and an attempt at chocolate chip cookies. . . I don't know what went wrong, but the cookie dough was crumbling and then while cooking they were super gooey, so I left them longer, and when they finally came out of the oven and had cooled they turned into little chocolate rocks.
After dinner I got everything put away and Tyler and I watched The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. He hadn't seen it yet, and I forgot just how long it was, so I feel asleep for about half an hour through the middle of the movie. 
I did get a new car at the end of last week. By new, I mean a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee. :) It has some problems, but seriously I am so excited about it. 
I mean, doesn't everyone dream of getting a red jeep?

Well maybe not everyone. But I have always wanted one!

"Wait... Whats that new car doing here?"

Moxie was very interested in the jeep. She probably smelled the old owners dogs. 

More Naps on the new couch. Weekends are hard work. Moxie actually isn't supposed to be on this section of the couch without a blanket down... But she don't care. lol Oops. 

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